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Sales Release Policy and Procedures

Thank you for your interest in California Pacific Homes Communities.  In order to create a fair and orderly home purchase process, California Pacific Homes (CPH) has established the following procedures:

  1. As you are aware, buying a home right now is very trying. Your patience through this process will be appreciated.
  2. Homes available at phased sales releases will be offered by invitation only to prospects that have submitted an application and are pre-approved for a loan or all cash transaction verified by a CPH Designated Lender. All funds to close MUST be readily available and in a financial institution in the United States. Once pre-approval has been issued by Seller’s Designated Lender, position on the priority list will not be divulged. (An all-cash transaction does not take priority over a loan transaction)
  3. Homes will be offered to pre-approved, non-contingent prospects, specifically to the party/parties whose names appear on the loan pre-approval. The addition or deletion of any party will deem the loan pre-approval contingent and will require an updated loan pre-approval prior to reserving a home. Seller reserves the right to limit sales to non-owner-occupied homebuyers.
  4. In order to reserve a home at a phase release pre-approved prospects will be invited to visit the sales office the week prior to the phase release to register their interest in purchasing a home, review homes being offered at the phase release, visit the site where the homes will be built, and advise the sales agent of homes that they are interested in purchasing in the phase. Prospect must be willing and able to Purchase or Lease Solar PV System. Prospect must be available to sign the Purchase Agreement within time frame specified by sales agent.
  5. CPH in its’ sole discretion will determine the number of pre-approved prospective buyers that will be invited to attend the phase release based upon home buyer preference, the number of homes being offered, or other criteria. To be invited you must be prepared by meeting the requirements noted above. You are not required to attend the phase release if you wish to defer to a later phase.
  6. Any prospective buyer who reserves a home and elects to cancel the reservation or subsequent purchase of that home, for any reason, will be removed from the priority list. Should you wish to be added back to the priority list to purchase another home you will be added to the bottom of the current list of pre-approved prospects. Make your selections carefully, it is better to wait if you are not absolutely certain.
  7. Once a particular phase is available for sale, approved prospective homebuyers will be invited to participate. The sales agent will reach out to you with a scheduled appointment or appointment time frame. In the event you arrive late or no show for any reason, you may lose your opportunity to purchase a home.
  8. To reserve a home, you will need to provide a Good Faith Deposit, in the form of a personal check or Cashier’s Check, made out to Fidelity National Title, with the prospective buyer listed as the remitter. No business line checks, cash, or other forms of funds will be accepted as deposits. See specific community to confirm the deposit amount. Deposit amount is subject to change without prior notice.
  9. It is the prospects sole responsibility to be informed about dates and times of phase releases. CPH will attempt to advise you of upcoming sales phase release dates, however, CPH is not responsible for undelivered emails or other messages that are not received.
  10. CPH reserves the right to pre-sell any home prior to a sales phase release and there is no guarantee that the home you are interested will be available at time of the sales phase release.
  11. Any prospect that reserves a home must be available to sign all purchase documents, select and finalize options at the Design Center and execute all documents necessary to close Escrow according to the deadline specified in the Significant Dates/Deadlines section listed on the Purchase Agreement.
  12. To visit our sales offices and tour our homes, face masks are requested if you are not vaccinated. Please practice social distancing. FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OUR SALES STAFF, IF YOU ARE SICK, HAVE FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS PLEASE STAY HOME.

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